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School Farm Project – Ghana

Sakata Seed Southern Africa is not only active within the borders of South Africa, but is touching life’s in countries as far as Ghana on the African continent. Sakata donated seeds to a School Farm Competition in Ghana where various schools compete...

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Merton* – the new kid on the block

Merton*, Sakata’s brand new cauliflower variety has shown outstanding performance in a demonstration trial that was done at Douglasvale Farm in the Eastern Cape.  It is important to note that Merton* is a warm season cauliflower and is suitable for spring, summer and...

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Parthenon delivers exceptional quality

Parthenon is well-known to broccoli producers for its exceptional quality and versatility.  Ruben Barnard, a vegetable producer in the George region, experienced just that when he recently harvested his broccoli, Parthenon field.  Parthenon is currently the industry...

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