Nairobi* F1 Hybrid Cauliflower: The latest gem in Sakata’s cauliflower range

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We are excited to introduce Nairobi* F1 hybrid cauliflower.  After years of extensive trials in Southern and Eastern Africa, Nairobi* has shown outstanding vigour, a large frame, and a dense, heavy curd that is bound to impress.

Nairobi* stands out for its excellent versatility and robust characteristics. The large frame provides essential protection against the weather, ensuring consistent performance regardless of environmental challenges. Meanwhile, its exceptional wrap protects the dense, tuct curd, delivering a cauliflower head of remarkable weight and quality.

Nairobi* is adaptable and will ensure exceptional quality, making it a reliable choice for growers all over Southern and Eastern Africa.

What sets Nairobi* apart from other cauliflower varieties is its remarkable combination of frame and density. With Nairobi*, you can expect nothing short of excellence in every harvest, thanks to its strong structure and impressive curd formation.

Key features of Nairobi*:

  • Very adaptable: Nairobi* thrives in diverse conditions, making it suitable for growers across the region.
  • Large frame: Built to withstand the elements, Nairobi* features a sturdy frame that provides essential protection for optimal growth.
  • Dense curd: Nairobi* has a dense, heavy curd, ensuring exceptional taste and texture.
  • Good weight: Nairobi* delivers on quality and quantity, offering growers the potential to harvest heads ranging from 500g to 1kg.

For best results, we recommend spacing Nairobi* at 35,000 to 45,000 plants per hectare, targeting pre-packing and processing markets.

Consult your area representative for sowing guides and technical insights specific to your region.

Read more about Nairobi* on this page of our website:

 *Experimental: This variety does not appear on the current South African Variety list but has been submitted for registration.