Sakata’s Squash Donation to Glen Afric Country Lodge’s Elephants

by | Mar 22, 2024 | General | 0 comments

In February 2024, Sakata Seed Southern Africa hosted Farmers Days, showcasing our many different varieties and crops to our customers. But what happens to all that fresh produce once the event is over? Sakata donates the produce to various organisations, like orphanages, old age homes, etc. 

Glen Afric Country Lodge, based just outside Hartbeespoort, Gauteng, are one of these organisations we donate produce to. Among Glen Afric’s impressive number of wildlife inhabitants, there are three magnificent elephants: Hannah, Marty, and Three. These gentle giants hold a special place in the hearts of everyone at Glen Afric, and Sakata’s generous donation of pumpkin and squash brought an extra dose of joy to their lives. 

On Wednesday, 18 March 2024, the Glen Afric team made their way to Sakata’s offices in Lanseria where they harvested squash and pumpkins directly from the field to feed their elephants.

Monday, the 18th of March, the Sakata team visited Glen Afric to witness the elephants indulging in the harvest. As the Glen Afric team placed Sakata squash and pumpkins in front of Hannah, Marty, and Three, the excitement was palpable. With eager anticipation, the elephants wasted no time in diving into the pile of squash.

The scene was not just a testament to the elephants’ big appetites but also to the exceptional quality of Sakata’s produce. Even our three elephant friends could recognize the superior taste and freshness of Sakata’s butternuts.

For Sakata, the opportunity to contribute to the well-being of these magnificent creatures was an honour beyond measure. Knowing that our harvest brought joy and nourishment to Hanah, Marty, and Three, filled our hearts with pride. 

In the end, Sakata’s butternuts, pumpkins and other squash journeyed from the fertile fields to the grateful trunks of elephants.

Glen Afric’s dedication to the welfare of its animal residents is commendable. To learn more about Glen Afric and their conservation efforts, visit their website at