Introducing Accord* F1 Hybrid Cabbage: The Ultimate Cold-Tolerant Variety

by | Apr 2, 2024 | General | 0 comments

Sakata proudly presents Accord*, a new addition to our cabbage range, developed to thrive in extreme winter conditions. After years of trials in South Africa, Accord* emerged as a game-changer, offering excellent bolting and cold tolerance alongside dense, attractive heads.

Developed specifically for the winter slot planting period from April to August, Accord* stands out with its ability to withstand very cold temperatures, making it an ideal choice for growers in colder regions like Gauteng, Free State-, and KwaZulu-Natal. Its exceptional performance in challenging conditions ensures high yield, with growers potentially harvesting heads of up to 5kg per head.

Accord* features a striking light blue-green colour, complemented by round, solid heads with prominent white veins. With a slightly open plant habit, this variety matures within 100 to 125 days after transplant. 

Accord*’s outstanding qualities are what set it apart from other varieties:

  • Winter sowing slot
  • Excellent bolting tolerance
  • Very good holding ability
  • Good internal quality

While Accord* promises exceptional performance, it also comes with specific requirements to maximize its potential:

  • Avoid irrigating during cold nights. Wet roots exposed to rapid temperature fluctuations can cause potential head cracking.
  • Avoid spring and summer plantings where high rainfall and black rot risk may compromise yields.
  • For optimal results, consult your area representative for sowing guides and technical insights specific to your region.

 Read more about Accord* on this page of our website:

*Experimental: This variety does not appear on the current South African Variety list but has been submitted for registration.