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One thing that any vegetable farmer should know of by heart is the difference between vegetative (leaves/plant) and reproductive (fruits/seeds) growth. All vegetables go through these phases, some even more than once. These phases have different requirements, so knowing the difference will help you manage your crop optimally.

Crops like cabbage go from vegetative to reproductive growth only once and crops like peppers and tomatoes go through it many times, in between the various flushes. As a basic rule of thumb, crops that can be picked multiple times usually go through alternating vegetative and reproductive phases.

In this photo, you’re looking at the result of our Crispy Sweet Peppers harvested for the 7th time! When you choose the right variety and treat each phase as it should be treated – the different flushes will result in an exceptional yield!

You can view more information on our crispy pepper range (Crispy Oro*, Crispy San* and Crispy Rass*) by following this link:

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