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SAKATA displays their range at the Wambugu Farmers Day 25/26th February 2022.

In Nyeri, on the edge of the Aberdares in central Kenya, there is an annual gathering for agricultural input companies to display their products to local farmers.

For two years we have not managed to meet the farmers so this year the event was well attended by around 10,000 people.

Key products on display were Cabbages, including the new Powerslam F1, which has excellent Xanthomonas resistance; Tomatoes, including the new Buena Vista F1, which is a determinate saladette type with larger fruits and big yields. Also displayed were Collard Top Bunch F1, Broccoli Parthenon F1, Onion Granate F1, Pepper Supergreen F1 and Butternut Pluto F1.

This was an excellent display of our range and we look forward to promoting the range during 2022! All these products are currently available from Lachlan Kenya Ltd.