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Temperature fluctuations have been known to be a major contributor to the challenges that brassica growers face. Cabbage can bolt, broccoli heads turn purple or yellow and they lose their dome shape, and the wrap around a cauliflower curd opens up faster leading to sunburn damage on heads as well as riciness – making them unmarketable. This can be the cause of big financial losses for the growers, and this is why we focus on developing varieties for specific seasons and areas. Selecting cauliflower varieties that show some adaptability to seasonal change is one of the many characteristics we look for in new material. Twister has shown to be very adaptable to the fluctuating climate that Brits in the North-West experienced the past growing season. Not only did the curds stay tightly wrapped, but the product was also ready to harvest a few days faster than some of the other commercial standards. In these photos, some of the product harvested from various growers in the area can be seen. Contact your area representative for more information on Twister.