Tsogo Alumni Society Career Day

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On the 17 March 2017, Sakata Seeds Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd (represented by Omphile Sehoole, Turf Division Specialist) was invited to the 8th Career Expo hosted at Tsogo Secondary School.  Learners of the school were exposed to a whole new world of agriculture and its impact in our everyday life.  A greater portion of learners had the perception that agriculture is a field of study associated only with driving a tractor out in the sun.  Sakata Seeds demonstrated how a minute seed of tomato makes it possible for us to enjoy something as simple as tomato sauce or canned tomato relish.  This demonstration depicted various career opportunities ranging from seed analysts, biotechnologists, agriculturists, etc.

Tsogo Secondary School is a no-fee school situated in Mmakau Village near Brits in the North West province.  The school was started by the Roman Catholic’s Sisters of Mercy in 1975 and offers grade 8 to 12 classes.

The Tsogo Alumni Society of the school was established to give platform to former students to contribute to the intellectual wellbeing and upliftment of the current leaners.  The society aims to assist learners in making good career choices by providing guidance and mentorship to the learners.  Each year the Tsogo Alumni Society in conjunction with the school hosts a career expo at the school.  Different companies from various industry sectors as well as higher learning institutions are invited to present to learners on opportunities available to them after completing grade 12.