Simlaw Seeds win “Best Exhibitor” at the Rwanda Agricultural Show

by | Aug 10, 2016 | General | 0 comments

Rwanda has got off to a slow start with regard to hybrid seed adoption, but they are starting to see the benefits and use hybrid seed more and more.  The local farmers are also getting more interested in hybrids.

Simlaw Seeds (a Sakata Seed distributor in Kenya) has just put on a display of their range of products at the Kigali Agricultural Show and walked away with the trophy for Best Exhibitor 2016.  The award was presented to them by the Minister for Agriculture.

Within this picture the Rwandan employees display their award with pride in front of a tomato, Monica poster – one of the most popular tomato hybrids from Sakata that Simlaw is selling.

Monica F1 Tomato were also displayed in the trial plots.  Farmers were very impressed with its vigour and yield.  After seeing the variety in the trials, one farmer immediately went off to prepare his land for planting a crop of Monica.  Simlaw has had to import some seed quickly to ensure that the visiting farmers have some to buy after the event.

We look forward to seeing some new sales in the region, as Simlaw Seeds expands its office in Rwanda and farmers extol the benefits of hybrid seeds.