Sakata supports Namibia farmers

by | Aug 12, 2018 | General | 0 comments

Sakata, in conjunction with Aqualand (Sakata’s distributor in Namibia) and Metson, recently held a series of Vegetable Workshops throughout the country of Namibia.  The first workshop was held at Ruacana and after a drive of a whole 450 km inland the team arrived for the second workshop in Tsumeb.  After another 300 km the final day was held in Rundu, very close to the Angola border.  On the various days both commercial farmers as well as small scale farmers arrived hungry for information on the production of high quality vegetable crops.  The Sakata Product Development team that presented their knowledge and expertise to the farmers during these workshops were very satisfied with the interaction that the farmers have shown on the various days.

Meet Mr Puis Kapikara, who attended the 3rd day in Rundu.  He is a very happy Sakata customer who has planted Sakata varieties like tomato, Esty, cabbage, Optima and sweet pepper, Double Up in the past.