SAKATA seeds launch new cabbage in East Africa

by | Jun 9, 2022 | General | 0 comments

In 2022 SAKATA seeds are launching their latest cabbage Powerslam F1, starting with Lachlan Kenya Limited in Kenya. This cabbage has superb disease resistance and is popular with farmers and brokers alike. The reason for Powerslam’s  success is not only the disease resistance, where it has a good tolerance to Xanthomonas (black rot), but also it has excellent uniformity, field holding ability and round dense heads, which provide a very good shelf life for those wishing to transport the cabbages to market.  Powerslam F1 has been trialed across the width and breadth of the country and has shown strong adaptability to multiple altitudes and climatic conditions.

Farmers are moving across from their older cabbage varieties to this latest variety Powerslam F1 so that they can have more reliability on the quality and therefore profitability of their crops.

Both smallholders and large scale exporters have sung the praises of this new variety and it is proving to be a real winner for the farmers.

The seeds can be found at any Lachlan stockist across Kenya. Alternatively, call +254 721 528 373 to book seeds supply with Peter Gichuhi.