Sakata Adopts Baby Elephant

by | Dec 2, 2015 | General | 0 comments

Sakata Seed is  not only passionate about seed and food sustainability, we are also passionate about the environment and the rehabilitation of our wild life.  For this reason Sakata Seed Southern Africa has recently became the foster parent of an orphaned elephant baby named Mbegu (that means “Seed”).

On a recent visit to Kenya, Mrs Susan Allen (Supply Chain Director at Sakata SA) were introduced to The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) and the orphaned elephants.  The trust is today the most successful orphan elephant rescue and rehabilitation programme in the world and one of the pioneering conservation organisations for wildlife and habitat protection in East Africa.

Mbegu were orphaned when she was about 7 weeks old after she was left behind when her herd stampeded following the shooting of an elephant close by.  As a foster parent the DSWT send Sakata monthly updates on Mbegu’s well-being through her keepers diary entries, for us to keep in close contact with Mbegu’s life.  For more information on Mbegu and the DSWT follow this link: