Optima – Namibia

by | Dec 10, 2019 | General | 0 comments

Hagen Horsthemke (son of Wolfie Horsthemke) is a proud vegetable producer in Namibia.  On their farm Eahero, they cultivate, amongst other things, watermelon, butternut, pumpkin, and cabbage. What can be seen in these pictures are their Optima cabbage fields, almost ready for harvest. One of the things they like most about Optima is the fact that it has an excellent field holdability, especially since their cabbages are irrigated by means of center pivots (overhead).

Optima’s intermediate resistance to Black rot, is an added bonus and makes this their preferred summer cabbage variety.  Well done Hagen and team, for producing a picture-perfect field of cabbages in extremely harsh conditions.