News report – Sakata in East Africa – Sept 2015

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As interest in the Sakata range of hybrids picks up in the region,  Simlaw Seeds are promoting heavily across Kenya. One of the key events of the year for farmers and other locals is the series of National Agricultural shows that have been popular for many years.

This year in Mombasa, Simlaw won the prize for Best presented agricultural stand.

Simlaw seeds Ltd – Sales and Marketing team  – Mombasa Show 2015

In the stand, Simlaw showcased Monica F1 tomato as their leading variety during the event, alongside a range of other Sakata hybrids, including Fury F1 Hot Pepper and Daytona F1 Watermelon.

Above, the team proudly display their new Monica T-shirts and hats, which were designed and donated by Sakata. This year Sakata is also investing in promotional clothing for key stockists and Agents who buy Monica F1 and Daytona F1 seed.


Robert Musyoki – Head of Sales & Marketing at Simlaw shows off Fury F1