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There is a new blocky pepper making a name for itself in the market, and growers are experiencing for themselves how beneficial certain resistances can be. SVPB1987 was commercially launched late last year and it is performing very well in plantings, especially in the Western Cape and Kwa-Zulu Natal areas. It has been developed in these areas, but due to its adaptability it is now planted in more areas with good results.

The plants are compact, but still have good vigour and the initial set is good, followed by subsequent fruit set through the season. It can be planted open field and under shade-net production systems, best suited to the Spanish trellising system.

The fruit quality is good and with its very thick fruit wall, although the fruit size is a bit smaller and ideal for pre-packing – the fruit weight is good for higher yield potential. One of the biggest benefits of the variety is the powdery mildew and phytophthora resistance. Together with the Tomato spotted wilt resistance it is a very good alternative for the pepper grower.

Sakkie Viljoen, from the Western Cape, was very happy with the performance this season and looks forward to good yields. He can still see the plants setting fruit. The plant health indicates that there is no slowing down toward the end of the season. The phytophthora and powdery mildew resistance are ensuring that the plants continue to grow.

On the photos – the difference of the powdery mildew can be seen in trials and in the field.