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Tomatoes has always been one of the most sought after vegetable commodities in South Africa and Africa. One segment of tomatoes that has always enjoyed a lot of attention is the saladette or otherwise known as jam tomato segment. Some consumers describe a saladette as being tastier and easier to eat. Producers enjoy growing saladettes because of its incredible fruit set and yield. When it comes to determinate saladettes, Sakata has a whole range that will suit every growers needs.

Determinate Saladette Tomato F1 Hybrid 𝗞𝗪𝗔𝗡𝗗𝗢* can be seen on these photos. Kwando* is a one of the latest additions to the Sakata determinate saladette range – offering true saladette shaped fruits, and a lot of them as well! Kwando* also has bacterial wilt resistance amongst others, making it an excellent choice in areas where bacterial wilt is prominent.

This crop was grown in Brits, North-West province. To each grower and farm worker bending over backwards in this extreme heat – growing, harvesting and supplying regardless of the conditions they face – THANK YOU!  We will keep on working towards developing genetics that will help with your efforts to improve food security.

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