Invictus Cucumbers

by | Feb 15, 2022 | General | 0 comments

A lot of care and effort goes into growing English cucumbers, so choosing the right variety is very important.

INVICTUS* is a new addition to the Sakata cucumber range, being trialed for the past few years. Its vigorous growing habit and healthy leaves has resulted in excellent yields in the tunnels.

Invictus* has a neat fruit shape, and a very attractive green colour that is readily accepted by the consumer.

On these photos, Frans Visser from Graceland Hydroponics in Silkaatsnek can be seen with some of his Invictus* plantings. He has included this variety in his planting program on a larger scale for the coming season, and he’s been happy with the results so far!

Thank you for treating this variety as it should be treated Frans! We hope the season to come is a prosperous one!