Introducing the new Conquistador II* F1 hybrid cabbage variety

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Sakata Seed Southern Africa is thrilled to announce the launch of our latest F1 hybrid cabbage variety, Conquistador II*. Building on the strong foundation of the original Conquistador, this improved variety offers the same trusted qualities with added benefits, making it an excellent choice for growers across South Africa.

Conquistador II* is a highly versatile cabbage variety, delivering consistent performance and outstanding results. After extensive trials across South Africa over the past few years, this new variety has proven its exceptional potential. Growers can expect impressive yields with heads weighing up to 8kg or even larger, depending on plant spacing and time of year.

Conquistador II* is a large F1 Hybrid white cabbage with a big frame and wrapper leaves that cover the heads very well. This variety matures 100 to 125 days after transplanting, depending on the area and season.

Key features of Conquistador II*:

  • Large white cabbage: Large, firm heads with a deep green-blue colour and excellent flavour.
  • Very adaptable: Suitable for a wide range of growing conditions, tolerating both heat in summer and cold in winter with ease.
  • Excellent uniformity: Growers will appreciate the consistent size and shape heads.
  • Very vigorous and uniform seedlings: From the start, Conquistador II* shows strong growth and uniformity.
  • Field holding ability: Exceptional after maturity, making it perfectly suited to be used as an overwintering variety in many areas.

Conquistador II* is suitable for both the bagging market and as a hawker cabbage. Hawkers will prefer this variety due to its large plant, wrapper leaves, head size, sweet taste, and excellent shelf life.

With Conquistador II*, Sakata Seed Southern Africa continues to provide high-quality, innovative solutions for growers. We are confident that this new variety will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Consult your area representative for sowing guides and technical insights specific to your region.

Read more about Conquistador II* on this page of our website:

*Experimental: This variety does not appear on the current South African Variety list but has been submitted for registration.