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Over the past decade, Grandslam has become well known in the vegetable industry as an excellent performing F1 cabbage variety. Farmers throughout South Africa immediately took a liking to its sweet taste, large yield potential and a very good field holding ability. This, coupled with excellent cold tolerance, has permitted harvesting over a prolonged period for the farmer.

A lot of intensive research has gone into refining Grandslam and making it better in certain aspects. Some of these aspects includes seed availability and uniformity of growth.

When Sakata Seed Southern Africa started trialling the new F1 Hybrid cabbage varieties in 2016, high expectations and cautious optimism was always part of every evaluation.

Due to Grandslam being very renowned and well positioned in the market, the challenge was to ensure that a new variety performed even better than Grandslam in more than one aspect. Thus, Sakata developed Superslam.

Superslam has proven itself in many aspects but specifically stood out with regards to its uniformity – both in the field and in the seedling nurseries. It is a vigorous grower with an exceptionally uniform seedling, usually resulting in a high pull rate. The uniformity in the field is also a big advantage.

Just like its predecessor Grandslam, Superslam is a large fresh market white F1 cabbage variety, with a big frame and a round to semi-round head. The unique sweet taste of Superslam reminds of the Grandslam eating quality. Superslam has an upright growing habit, and the ability to tolerate cold. It’s planting slot is similar to that of Grandslam, so contact your area representative for the relevant information.

Contact your Sakata area specialist for more information on Superslam.