Daytona Delivers!

by | Mar 13, 2016 | General | 0 comments

Sakata’s watermelon variety Daytona provided for another satisfied customer.  Jan Louis Venter Boerdery up in the Northern region of Limpopo province received outstanding yields with Daytona when this winner variety produced double the amount of watermelons than the other opposition variety that was also planted.  Although the entire watermelon harvest produced smaller fruit than normal because of the severe heat that was recently experienced throughout the country, Daytona still came out tops!

Daytona is an early maturing All Sweet type F1 hybrid watermelon, with excellent yield potential. Fruit are uniform, short oblong in shape and weigh 10 – 12 kg.  The medium-thick rind is tough, making it highly suitable for long distance shipping.  Rind colour is dark green with thin lighter green stripes. Daytona’s flesh is bright red, firm, crispy, juicy and has an excellent taste and a high brix level of about 11 – 12 %.  Daytona tends to resist sunburn and has high resistance to Anthracnose (Co).