Cherokee* Sweet Pepper – quality fruit in open field production

by | Feb 22, 2019 | General | 0 comments

Any sweet pepper producer knows that high quality fruit are of utmost importance if he wants to get a good price for his product. For open field production high quality sweet pepper fruit can be a huge challenge where the plants get exposed to fluctuating temperatures as well as various insects and diseases.  Cherokee* sweet pepper can be your solution! Cherokee* has been developed for production of high quality fruit in the open field and shaded production. 

Cherokee* has a great disease package with high resistance to Tomato spotted Wilt (TSWV), Tobacco Mosaic (TMV) and Pepper mild mottle races 1, 2 and 3 (PMMoV: 1,2,3).  With the correct management practices Cherokee* plants are able to develop a strong root system with a good canopy allowing for long season production.  In the picture, taken in the Komatipoort area, Morne Strauss, Sakata’s representative in Mpumalanga, shows how tall the Cherokee* plants can grow in the open field.