Cabbage Optima

by | Dec 14, 2016 | General | 0 comments

Producing cabbage in summer is always a great challenge, but Optima, Sakata’s new summer cabbage, replacing the well-known Tenacity, is giving very good resistance to Black rot, especially during the rainy summer seasons.  With the current weather patterns being so unpredictable, Optima can give the producer great assurance in these conditions.

Due to Optima’s resistance against Black rot, this variety performs very well in areas where it is a problem. It’s a strong plant that takes 80-95 days to mature form transplants. The big frame protects the heads very well against sunburn and wind damage. Heads are semi round to round with a good head weight. Optima’s frame has an upright growth habit, so water doesn’t accumulate in the bottom part of the plant.