Cabbage day in Weenen

by | Sep 3, 2018 | General | 0 comments

Sakata recently took part in a cabbage information day that was held in Weenen, KwaZulu Natal.  The cabbage day has become an annual event in the town of Weenen where local growers, nurseries, seed companies and other service providers get together to look at cultivar development and to discuss the threats to brassica production in their area.

This year the focus was placed on a subject that is currently on every cabbage producer’s lips – Brassica Stunting Disorder (BSD), a devastating disease with great economic implications.  It is great to see that various role players within the agricultural sector can take hands and host important events like these!  Sakata’s distributor in KwaZulu Natal, McDonald Seeds also played a huge part in making this event a success.  In this picture, Bruce Colepeper (left) and Bruce McDonald (right) from McDonald Seeds are posing with Sakata’s Product Development Manager, Alex Bronkhorst in front of Sakata’s cabbages.