Butternut Information Day – Robertson, Western Cape

by | Oct 9, 2019 | General | 0 comments

With Sakata’s slogan of “Quality, Reliability and Service” it will always be one of our top priorities to keep vegetable producers up to date with relevant information regarding our industry.  Sometimes we will also join forces with external experts in specific fields that can assist our producers even further.  On that note, it came to our attention that the farming community in some areas of the Western Cape was struggling with the management of some specific diseases on butternuts.

For that reason, Sakata Seed Southern Africa hosted an information day in Robertson where well-known Agricultural Specialists shared their knowledge with 80 local farmers.  Guest speakers included Dr Michael Southwood, an expert in cucurbits and Chris Barnard expert in irrigation.

The farming community in and around Robertson is very passionate about farming, and the two guest speakers aided to that passion.  Dr Michael shared beneficial information and statistics about cultivation and challenges regarding cucurbits, where Chris, who is a farmer himself, shared his lifetime of knowledge and experience, including the various lessons that he has learned over the years regarding irrigation.

Product Specialists of Sakata Seed SA were also present, educating the farmers about the various Sakata products and their field of expertise.

The atmosphere on this day was that of being with friends and family. The success of this event was confirmed by the interest that the younger generation producers had shown with their questions and willingness to learn and improve their farming abilities.