2019 Annual Nampo Agricultural and Grain show

by | Jun 11, 2019 | General | 0 comments

Once again, the 2019 annual Nampo Agricultural and Grain show lived up and exceeded all expectations. SAKATA Seed were there, as always, to participate and share in the success of this phenomenal South African event.

The vibrant SAKATA stall was manned by friendly, energetic and informative staff. Doing their best in assisting the continued line of inquisitive visitors. Local and neighboring Southern African countries had the benefit of investigating and obtaining information in their respective fields of interest all in one day. Further existing relationships were strengthened, and new ones created.

The success of the SAKATA participation and exposure is confirmed by the amount and quality of enquiries received during the 4-day event. The SAKATA presence and awareness created between competitors and other exhibiters will insure sustainable medium- and long-term returns on this investment.

Our team at SAKATA Seed are looking forward to the next Nampo event in 2020.