Viola Cornuta F1 Grandissimo

The next big thing in Viola! Grandissimo is the perfect start to the Viola season, even if the warmth of late Summer is still in the air. Easy-to-grow, easy to sell and a great performer for the consumer, Grandissimo is a welcome addition to the late Summer and early Autumn market.

  • Heat tolerant, giant flowered Viola
  • Fills the pot easily, even under heat stress where standard varieties suffer
  • Perfect to programme together with Power
  • Autumn performer – great choice to start the season
  • Larger flowers than standard Viola = lots more colour!
  • Ideal for landscape – an explosion of colour and an economical alternative to trailing Pansies
  • Versatile – perfect for packs, pots, baskets and mixed containers
  • 9 bright colours



20 cm


Bedding + mixed combo

15 cm

Bedding Plant