Catharanthus Roseus Virtuosa

Virtuosa is a new F1 Vinca series from Sakata with a compact and uniform habit and good basal branching in pots. It performs well in the garden or in pots or mixed containers. Thrives under a wide range of conditions and is especially suitable for warm and humid areas.

  • Large flowers with round flower shape and strong, overlapping petals
  • Sturdy, upright plant habit
  • Good basal branching, fills the pot well
  • Recommended for pots (10.5-12cm), packs and mixed combinations
  • Series includes eight colours and one mix

Varieties available: Cranberry, Deep Purple, Deep Red, Lavender, Peach, Polka Dot, Rose, White, Mix, Apricot, Orchid, Punch, Rasberry



20 cm

10.5 - 12 cm


25 cm

Bedding Plant