Begonia Hybrida F1 Viking

All weather Begonia Viking and Viking XL series are developed for use in large showy garden
containers and as an optimal landscaping performer. Viking Begonias are available in green, bronze and breakthrough chocolate leaf. Chocolate-leafed is unique in this class and has the most intense, darkest leaves under all conditions. Continuous flowering and a range of colours, including specialities like Scarlet and Coral Flame, make this spectacular hybrid
Begonia an exciting invasion on the market!

  • Choice out of 3 different leaf colours: Green,Bronze and Chocolate!
  • Unique chocolate leaf colour
  • All weather Begonia
  • Excellent for landscaping & large containers
  • Massive flowering
  • High diversity of flower colours
  • Germination 90%+
  • Varieties available: Red on Chocolate, Coral Flame on Bronze, Rose on Bronze, Red on Bronze, Pink on Chocolate, Red on Chocolate, Coral Flame on Green, Pink on Green, Red on Green, Scarlet on Green.



60 cm

12 cm


50 cm

Bedding Plant