Antirrhinum Majus Nanum Pendula F1 Candy Showers

  1. Beautiful as a single colour or as a mixture of colours from the series, Candy Showers is ideal for baskets and containers. Try combining with Pansies and other cool season crops for Spring or Autumn sales.
  • Can be sold in Spring or Autumn; excellent addition to Autumn trailing pansy sales
  • Trailing habit makes Candy Showers ideal for use in hanging baskets and mixed containers
  • Fill baskets with Candy Showers in single colours, a series mix or in combination with other cool-season favourites such as Pansies or Bellis
  • Spreads well in garden beds
  • Strong, flexible stems are resistant to breakage in transport and hold up well in the garden
  • 7 rich, eye-catching colours, excellent at retail and a splash of colour in the cooler seasons in the garden

Varieties available: Deep Purple, Oramge, Pink, Red, Rose, White, Yellow


Bedding Plant

250 cm

12 - 15 cm

Bedding + Hanging Baskets

20 cm

Bedding Plant