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Winter success

In the freezing temperatures, we all like to snooze a little longer than usual, and so does plants. In winter, plants grow at a much slower rate than usual and that’s why it takes a good farmer and a favorable environment to produce good quality vegetable produce,...

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Mandela Day 2019

In honour of the late former president of the Republic of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, the United Nations has declared his birth date Nelson Mandela International Day in 2009.  Since 18 July 2010, Mandela Day is celebrated by people all over the world by getting...

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Sakata hosts an Irrigation Information day in Marble Hall

In the cold winter of July 2019, Sakata Seed hosted an Irrigation Information day at the lovely Raasblaar Lodge located in Marble Hall.  All the local farmers from the Marble Hall and Groblersdal areas were invited to attend the day where Chris Barnard, a well-known...

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