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Latest News

Take a look at our latest news and articles to find out what’s trending in the world of seed.

Carrot, Carvora* is taking the market by storm

Carvora* has only recently been launched by Sakata and already this carrot has built up a reputation for itself.  Carvora* has proofed itself again and again and is extremely versatile, as it is suitable for bunching, processing and due to its cylindrical shape and...

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New tomato Nerine*

Tomato Nerine* is an indeterminate salad tomato from Sakata’s local tomato breeding programme.  Nerine* has very good fruit quality, uniform fruit size and a very good disease package.  Nerine* performed very well during winter production in greenhouse production...

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Sakata hosts a Brassica and Irrigation day in George

At the beginning of August Sakata hosted a Brassica and Irrigation Information day in the lovely town of George in the Eastern Cape.  The well-known irrigation specialist, Chris Barnard was the guest speaker at this event and gave a whole workshop on everything that a...

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