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By constantly improving our seed scientifically and supplying excellent expert support to farmers, we want to ensure that we continuously provide the best product quality, consistency, diversity and nutritional value.

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Quantum stands for Quality

For the butternut producer that that would like to produce medium sized butternuts of remarkable quality, Quantum is definitely the answer.  Quantum is the sister line of the very well-known variety Pluto that has taken the market by storm over the past few years. ...

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Titan* Butternut – bigger and better

Titan* has only recently been launched into the market place and it is already a sought after butternut variety for both butternut producers and processors.  Titan* is widely adapted to all growing regions of South Africa and the very strong plants and overall vigour...

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Sakata shows Passion at AFSTA 2019

Once a year an African country hosts a congress for AFSTA, the African Seed Trade Association, inviting members and key stakeholders to discuss global seed issues, network and discover investment opportunities. This year Kenya hosted the event in Mombasa where 430...

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