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By constantly improving our seed scientifically and supplying excellent expert support to farmers, we want to ensure that we continuously provide the best product quality, consistency, diversity and nutritional value.

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Laastedrift Farming Group loves carrot, Carvora*

The Laastedrif Farming Group, owned by Mr. Rossouw Cillié, is a proud fruit and vegetable supplier to customers such as Woolworths, Freshmark and a wide range of international supermarkets. Quality is non-negotiable for the Laastedrif Farming Group and they ensure...

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Another satisfied Sakata farmer

Jacques Taljaard, from Jacques Taljaard Familie Trust in Schweizer-Reneke has sent us a very exciting testimony on watermelon, Daytona.  According to Jacques the hawkers in his area are somewhat sceptical about buying watermelons this time of the year …  but, after...

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